How do I clean the screen on my flatscreen/LCD monitor?

LCD monitors, also called flatscreen monitors, require gentle cleaning, as they are prone to scratching. To clean the screen, always use a soft cotton cloth, and press very gently.

Windex and similar cleaners using ammonia or ethyl-alcohol can eventually cause your screen to yellow, so it is best to avoid these cleaners. In most cases, simple water on a soft cotton cloth can clean the screen sufficiently. If water alone does not work, a solution of equal-parts water and white vinegar will usually do the job. Regardless of which one you use, spray the water or solution on the cloth, instead of on the LCD screen itself, and wipe in one direction (top to bottom usually works best.)

In addition, there are several commercially-made LCD cleaners, available at most office supply stores, including small, onetime-use pads soaked with a cleaning solution. These pads are both convenient and inexpensive.