How to run Spybot Search & Destroy

First you will have to click here and download and install Spybot Search & Destroy.
When installing I have found it easier to uncheck "Additional Languages". You will see this option when you install it.

After installing click on the program iconto start the program.
Here is what you will see once it is open:

The first thing to do is ALWAYS check for UPDATES. Every time you go to run AdAware ALWAYS check for an update first.
So if you are not connected to the internet, connect now.
Click on Search for updates.

Here we will first want to put a checkmark in all the updates it found.
Next go to where it says UniDo (Europe) and click on the triangle to the right of it. A list will drop down, choose
This is a better place to get the updates from.
Next click on Download updates.
After it finishes Spybot S&D will close. You will see a DOS like window open.. then shut.
Spybot S&D will open back up.

If you have AdAware installed also you will have two dialog boxes that come up.
One will be legal stuff. Go ahead and put a checkmark in Don't show this message again.
The next dialog box is about AdAware being installed also. Go ahead and put a checkmark in the Don't show this message again also.

We want to put checkmarks in the Show expert buttons in results list  & Show expert buttons in recovery list.

Now click on Immunize in the left hand column.

It will show you how many it can immunize.
Click on OK.

Then click on Immunize.

Click on OK.
Whew.. now we are immunized from at least a few of those nasty spywares!

Next we want to go up and click on Search & Destroy.

Click on Check for problems.
Spybot S & D will start scanning your files.
Once it is done you will see a list of all the files it found that are spyware.

First we want to click on Select all items.
Then Fix selected problems.

Click on Yes.

Once you see all the green arrows... you are done.
Sometimes there will be a spyware that is running in the background that Spybot S&D can not remove at this time.
It will give you a message asking if it is ok to run at your next boot-up. The best thing to do then is to restart.
Spybot S&D will run before Windows completely boots up and will remove the last of the spyware.

You can close the program.
Make sure you run Spybot S&D weekly. And ALWAYS update first then run your scan.
You will not have to do the immunize again just go right to the Search & Destroy button and start scanning.
Just remember to UPDATE and run weekly to keep your computer free of nasty spyware.